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The Team


I think curiosity drives us all to learn and discover. This is how I started my career as a translator and later as a project coordinator. As a refugee, I strive to create a platform where people with refugee experience can not only be recipients, but also providers.

Jan Bornhöft

I am enthusiastic about the structures of human coexistence. As a scholar of antiquity, I have a special perspective on the things that have always been common to us all and bring us together.

Sabine Netz

As a social anthropologist, I am curious and want to understand human behaviour. I know from my research that we all have more in common than we realise. I strive to create and strengthen respectful connections between people and with our livelihoods.

Alexander Meyer

I enrich the BENN team in Weißensee with my 10 years of professional experience in the field of urban district development. Making people's diverse perspectives accessible and communicating results are things that are close to my heart.

We want to strengthen social cohesion by promoting encounters and active interaction between different neighbours. We want to encourage neighbours to participate and support them in helping to shape our neighbourhoods.

A more detailed description of the goals of BENN Weissensee's current work can be found here in the summary of our action plan for 2023/2024.

BENN stands for "Berlin entwickelt neue Nachbarschaften" ("Berlin develops new neighbourhoods"). It is a programme of the City of Berlin for neighbourhoods with accommodation for refugees. The client is the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing. BENN cooperates with the district office and municipal workers. In Weissensee, the area includes several neighbourhoods. There are six accommodations in total.

More information can be found in a video and a flyer.

We support various projects, for example: women's cafés in refugee accommodation, a bicycle workshop and a gardening project, a language café in a neighbourhood meeting place, cycling courses and walks in our neighbourhood. We support the organisation of the Weißenseer Kultursommer and Jakobs Langem Kieztisch and are involved in the Bündnis gegen Rassismus in Weissensee.

Here is an overview of our actions from 2023.

Do you need support for the implementation of your idea in our neighbourhood? Do you want to garden or cook with other neighbours? Would you like to sing in the choir? Or would you like to set up a library of things or a book box?

We're here to support you!

Would you like to know what is changing in your neighbourhood?

We provide information about participation procedures and urban developments.

Are you looking for information about a neighbourhood meeting point, places for consultations or contact with other interested neighbours?

We'll set you up with like-minded people.

The area

The map shows the area in which BENN Weissensee is active. The area covers almost the entire district of Weissensee and part of Heinersdorf. Approximately 54,000 people live in the area. On display are the locations of the six refugee shelters in Weissensee and Heinersdorf with which we cooperate.


BENN Weißensee
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 125
13086 Berlin
Telephone: 030 55202500
Mobile: +49 17660382857


Office hours

Tuesday: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Thursday: 08:30 – 11:00 am

Further appointments on request!

We speak: German, Persian, Arabic, Turkish and English.